“Adrem is a mature business, which is preparing to enter a new stage of its development,” said Corneliu Bodea, CEO of Adrem and President of CRE, during the show ZF Business Lessons, in an interview about what it means to be an entrepreneur in an unpredictable environment, the opportunities for the energy sector in the next 10 years and when it is time to expand your business beyond the borders of the country.
The lesson of 2020
According to him, the sustained investment in one’s own business, but also in individual training are mandatory for any entrepreneur, in development or already mature in business.
“The lifelong learning approach must be a necessity. To have the responsibility to lead people, you have to be competent, and competence is only achieved through lifelong learning. ”
And although many do not take physical endurance into account, Bodea says this element is extremely important in order to be able to manage the stress that entrepreneurship always comes with. “Entrepreneurs need to take care of themselves. Entrepreneurship is difficult, it is a total union with your goals. Entrepreneurship requires much above average resilience to collect shocks and recover. You are permanently on the battlefield. You have to take care of yourself. Learn, be brave, take care of yourself and have almost everything you need to become an entrepreneur. ”
Last year, 2020, thus became, through all the tension, one of the biggest exams for local entrepreneurship, including for Adrem, but Bodea says that in the end the balance is on the plus side.
“As an entrepreneur, it’s been a good year because I’m the kind of crisis entrepreneur. Such a period awakened my senses and gave me the opportunity to see that I was still responding well. I made quick decisions. This has made 2020 one of the best years financially and with the help of the state, but also through quick decisions aimed at controlling costs. ”
Of the 1,500 people, about 1,000 are on the ground, most of them electricians, the service area for the energy industry being the main business of the Adrem group. If the electrical works were put on hold, the Adrem teams acting only for the emergencies of the energy customers, the major automation projects continued, so that at the end of 2020 it was a plus. “I believed in people and relied on them. That is an important lesson. I trusted them, they trusted me, and that mattered a lot. For me, the fact that I validated this trust was very valuable. ”
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