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The evolution of Adrem, in over 30 years of activity, reflects the passion and performance of the teams that created and implemented the products, services and solutions offered to customers.

At Adrem companies, we appreciate the ambition and enthusiasm of those who, like us, passionately shape their path to a successful career.

We want our future colleagues to be professionals concerned with self-improvement. We believe in responsibility, rigor and involvement and we aim for these attributes to be found in every project we implement.

Sustained performance comes from knowing the latest trends and innovations in the field in which we operate; we are concerned with the training and professional development of all team members but also the well-being of their families.


Whether you are at the beginning of your career or already have experience, we invite you to meet us. Adrem companies - Adrem Invest, Adrem Engineering and Adrem Link - offer you the opportunity to use your knowledge and skills in innovative projects, suitable for your field of expertise.

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For students at the onset of their career we have developed several internship programs:

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