Expensive energy is a reality to which the Romanian economy must adapt in the context in which prices will remain high in the long run ♦ The situation is unprecedented in the last 20 years and strikes in a business environment that has been attractive and low prices to utilities ♦ The only way to reduce the pressure is to invest in new production units with a deadline of three to five years ♦ What is Plan B? Increasing Romania’s capacity to bring energy from abroad.

“I want a wake up this year. More than ever, we need clarity in the political decision. I see no reason for the price of energy to drop substantially, and this will shock the whole economy. “

“We need at least 2,000 MW in conventional sources in the next three to five years, sustainable projects, financing and seriously thought in line with EU objectives. In the meantime, we must prepare for a fantastic blow to Romania’s economy. We are not prepared for such prices. It is an unprecedented situation in the last 20 years, when cheap energy has been an asset of the local market. But if Plan A does not work, the one with the installation of new capacities, then we have to increase our interconnection capacity and thus make sure that we have access to the production capacities of other states. “

Article published in Ziarul Financiar.

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