“Energy industry still remains extremely exposed to major financial risks”
”It was obvious that something had to be done to protect consumers, but any action taken by the state would upset someone, some of the players, whether they were producers or carriers, distributors, suppliers or consumers, it was obvious. that this energy crisis will cause damage, said Corneliu BODEA, CEO Adrem and President of the Romanian Energy Center Association, at the Round Table on “ENERGY CRISIS: Benefits and disadvantages of protection measures in the energy market. Future challenges and solutions.”
Corneliu Bodea says that one of the problems of the GEO is the partial lack of protection of household electricity consumers who exceed the consumption of 300 kw per month, considering that it will cause some malfunctions: “Depending on what will happen to the price of energy during this period time, I estimate that those who are not protected could see absolutely astronomical bills, during this period, there is this risk. In my opinion, this ceiling should have either been raised or all consumers should simply be protected. ”
Another problem is the support of investments or the concern of consumers for energy efficiency, says Bodea: protect the future. However, the Government will not be able to support, to support consumers in the long run, in the coming years. Consequently, I think this is an alarm signal. As far as I know, the energy efficiency part is at the Ministry of Energy. Here, maybe ANRE will have to allocate time and energy to promote projects, to inform and motivate consumers to be cautious during this period, because there are household consumers who are not 100% protected, but also industrial consumers to invest in energy efficiency solutions.”
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