Article written by Corneliu Bodea, CEO Adrem and CRE President for

The dynamics are very fast and we see daily how giants disappear being replaced by start-ups raised on the concept of sustainability and fueled by the wave of technological changes. The traditional concept of resource-based business support is being replaced by a concept based on consumer support, of the increasingly rich society, which today owns the resources and decides to allocate them to the most responsible.

The harmonious alignment of the objectives with which we are accustomed with those related to ensuring a sustainable activity will be a challenge, especially when some of them will be in antithesis. The concept of sustainability in the way we develop and conduct our business must be supported from the highest level of the organization, namely the shareholders and the board of companies.

A profound cultural transformation is needed and genuine leadership is needed to engage people’s energies. The change of mindset is the most difficult to accomplish and is based on three ingredients: faith, contribution and reward. Companies must see this paradigm shift as a chance to step into the society of the future, a chance to exist and cope with the technological revolution that engages society in a deep dynamic that has the power of a hurricane, at the political level, economic, social.