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The digitization of local infrastructure is the starting point for the energy transition, and the work that will be required with this process will be a business opportunity for entrepreneurs in the field.


“Demand-response, for example, is a solution that makes the energy system more flexible, but which needs a smart infrastructure. We cannot talk about a smart infrastructure when out of 8 million consumers, only 2 million have smart meters in Romania ” Demand-response systems, already widely applied at European level, require certain large energy consumers to make themselves available to the national energy dispatcher in order to exit or become operational based on the system’s requirements.


Thus, demand-response solutions are seen by many market specialists as an opportunity to integrate green energy projects with a variable character. And as the energy transition means for Romania the transition from polluting resources, such as coal, to the green energy area, demand-response systems could be one of the solutions to accommodate these new projects.

Gas power plants, as an intermediate fuel, but also investments in the national transport system are other solutions for the entry of green energy.


“The production, transport and distribution model, the energy consumption model, all need to be re-analyzed. We need clean energy production, which means flexible networks, ie investments in what we call smart grids. We need consumption adapted to these networks ”


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