Article written by Corenliu Bodea, CEO of Adrem and President of CRE for AgerPres
“Energy. A word so common, with so many meanings, each so important to our existence and well-being. In what follows I will refer to energy as that product in various forms, which ensures the functioning of our society, by supporting the operation of transport, industry, heating and cooling of buildings and cities, in particular as regards the lighting and supply of the equipment we use ”

“If during the 1970s and 1980s, the main concern for this field was related to the fear of depletion of traditional energy resources from fossil fuels (eg gas, coal, oil), which stimulated concerns to identify alternative sources, starting with In the 1990s, the main risk was considered to be the adverse influence on the environment that the use of these fuels has by the emission of greenhouse gases.”

“Through my interventions I will continue to bring arguments towards increasing the responsibility for energy use, but also relevant data and information to understand how this industry works, vital to the development and support of life.”
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