Corneliu Bodea, CEO Adrem discussed during the fifth edition of the ForbesForward event about the measures he will propose together with other associations, the state and about how technology can save us from other pandemics in the future.


CEO Adrem developed during the event ForbesForward the measures he will propose to the Government, together with other associations from energy industry, considered necessary from their point of view to maintain the balance in the national energy system which is currently more important than before the crisis. “The government will have to support the relaunch of investments, with investments in energy infrastructure supported by the state, such as the expansion of the gas network. With the help of the state, all these initiatives will succeed in bringing workers and activity back into the energy system. Another measure is the support mainly by ANRE with dedicated investments aimed at computerization and digitization of the energy system. Romania is behind because we do not have a system that is digitized.”


In the context of the economic crisis, the entrepreneur believes that people working in the business environment need to take measures that could make business more flexible. “I believe that it gives us, the entrepreneurs, the opportunity to redesign our business, to analyze and see where it can be modified in such a way that it is prepared to face a period that is estimated to be reasonably long, full of economic difficulties.


It is assumed that this sharp slowdown in the global economy will lead to rising unemployment and extremely high consumption problems in the future. Of course, here we can enter a vicious circle, we all get more cautious positions and in general this means that we reduce the level of costs or investments, which helps the economic crisis further. It is possible that the virus will reappear, if we do not maintain certain precautions it will return and prolong the economic risk.”


He mentioned at the ForbesForward event that technology can help us cope better in the future. crisis, as is the one created by this pandemic. “The only way in which man will be able to cope better with such situations in the future is technology, what we have in addition to these microorganisms is exactly technology. I’m not a fan of Big Brother type technologies, I don’t think the privacy of our lives should be violated, but we will have to think about using technology more and more in order to be able to avoid such situations.”


Regarding the measures adopted by the authorities, in the context of the crisis caused by the pandemic, Corneliu Bodea stated that he is amazed by the difference between what is claimed, what is said and what happens in reality. “The measure to cover technical unemployment is a good measure because it gives companies confidence to keep their employees, post the state of emergency but there are a number of other measures that are stuttering. An example related to the difference between what is said and what is done is what happened a few days ago with ANAF which through an escape caused the companies that had rescheduling to receive decisions to stop the rescheduling, although in obviously during this period it was impossible to pay the installment rates but also the current taxes, which was later denied by the Minister of Finance but eventually recognized and it seems that an ordinance is expected to implement this issue. Of course, it may have been an escape or a method of leaving certain companies out of protection, being with rescheduling it was obvious that they are already in difficulties. ”


He also said that there are problems of inconsistency at the state level, and the CEO gave the example of bills circulating in Parliament but which are in dissonance with what the Government wants to do. “It simply came to our notice then. The most important thing is how the Government together with the banks will manage the crisis that will start from June onward and will be at its peak at the end of this year, after the autumn, now it will be important to see how we manage so that we do not have hundreds of insolvent companies. ”


CEO Adrem stated in the show ForbesForward that the international side of the business was severely affected due to travel bans imposed in the context of the corona virus pandemic. “Out of about 1500 employees we had to send in technical unemployment, about 700 because all our activities involving customer interaction were stopped.”


Looking at the business plans for the future, Corneliu Bodea said that he will start preparing the company for the return to normal activity, in some stages, so that by the end of May he will be back to work. “We are expecting a healthy economic crisis, I don’t think it will be a V-shaped return – a steep return to normal, although we may have an infusion given that people have been so isolated, but I expect it to be a deep crisis that will last for years, will generate unemployment but I think this virus shows us that we were arrogant, even these conspiracy theories are a proof of this arrogance, people do not have the ability to recognize that nature can give birth to such a thing and considers it to have been made by a man in the laboratory, it is false. We need to rethink our business, I will redesign business processes and I think I will bring much more flexibility to deal with future crises. ”


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