Article written by Corneliu Bodea, CEO of Adrem for
We, Romanians, have a talent for highlighting especially the things that do not go to us. It is a start that comes, I think, from an inferiority complex acquired during the years of communism. I saw him in Russians, Bulgarians, maybe less in Czechs or Croats… Somehow we laugh at ourselves before others laugh, showing that they – the other Romanians – are like that, we personally know better and we are different. We are a different, special people. However, there are things that define us positively and that found a solution in the troubled ’90s. One of them is related to the safety of the citizen and the safer comparative climate in our beautiful country. After some awkward but sustained squabbles between the authorities and the gangs of neighborhoods or small towns, things calmed down and it became safe to walk the streets at night. Great thing if we compare even with much more demanding countries. Of course, the quarrelsome ones will say that this was achieved through the consistent emigration of some more evil confreres, to horizons with more gullible and wealthy people. Perhaps, the reality is, however, that high crime, violence and disorder in general have dropped significantly and the authorities seemed to be in control.
As if we, the ordinary citizens, became more aligned and civilized, politicians began to balance the balance in the sense of violence, thank the Lord mainly verbal, and the mostly dishonorable attacks on opponents. The anger of the opposition to show the incompetence of the power has crossed borders that belong to honor, but especially that delimit those institutions and actions of general interest and that aim at the security of the citizen. The gendarmerie was feared, the police humiliated, the state authority stamped with incompetence, in a game with at most zero amount, of absurdity, of despair. Sabotaging some institutions that you sooner or later end up running is a foolish act, and the price paid is far too high.
I have been from Bucharest since I was born and obviously I will give this city as an example. All you need is an evening walk on the weekend on Aviatorilor Blvd. to listen to the decibels of the power of some youngsters (who will feel offended by this nickname) that rides second-hand motorcycles, reaching 120 km / h between two traffic lights (luckily out of sync), making waves in the beer mugs of relaxed diners at the terraces in the area. Then there are the rich ones with sport engines of over 500 horsepower or modified drums that rumble randomly, but deafeningly, making the pheasants of the Spring Palace fly over the fence and put the cartridge on the barrel of the president’s guards. This show starts from Victoriei Square where the boys gather and exchanges a few words with the policemen from the intersection. Friendly, friendly… Then they leave in groups, some terrorizing Calea Victoriei, others Aviatorilor Bld. THis happens Weekend by weekend, except in winter, when the visors are steaming…
It is evidence of a lack of education in the first place, but as the struggle with the education system is lost, we could appeal to authority. Which authority? The one that politicians talk about in ridicule when they are in opposition, that they are desperately fighting to restore in the ridicule of others when they are in power? The work of Sisyphus is a cycle that respects the principles of thermodynamics and that leaves losses in each iteration, that erodes and consumes, that leaves victims.
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