The Romanian Center for Energy (CRE), Liberty Steel, which also includes Liberty Galati, the former Sidex, MTAG Switzerland, ICSI Ramnicu Valcea and Adrem, an energy services company, signed a memorandum of understanding on Thursday on the development of a research project. development-innovation of hydrogen integration and replacement of fossil fuels in the industrial manufacturing process.
“New technologies, alternative fuels and their industrial applications create the conditions for a truly sustainable future. It is the responsibility of each of us to carry out our activity without exhausting the available resources and without irreparably affecting the environment, thus being able to satisfy the needs of the next generations. I am honored to contribute to this project “, said Corneliu Bodea, CRE president.
Sanjeev Gupta, the owner of Liberty Steel, of which Liberty Galati is a part, said that the production of steel with hydrogen is one of the vehicles through which the climate neutrality that the European Union wants until 2050 can be achieved.
“We need to reinvent and decarbonise steel production quickly, as the need to reduce our emissions is becoming increasingly pressing as a background to growing global demand for our products and legislative pressure to become emission-neutral. carbon. Green hydrogen and hydrogen steelmaking have the potential to solve this problem, “said Sanjeev Gupta.
The parties to the agreement, which is initially for a period of five years, intend to cooperate in a number of ways including:

  • Joint research projects and pilot projects;
  • Joint technical and business consultancy services, training services, case studies and possible business development activities related to green hydrogen, green steel, renewable energy sources and energy storage, among others;
  • Participation and joint dissemination of research information in workshops and / or conference days;
  • Teaching and / or joint supervision of students.
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