Electricity meter readings have been carried out by Adrem Invest in partnership with CEZ Romania as of 2008

Bucharest, 27 January 2015 – Adrem Invest, part of the ABBC Group, is a 100% Romanian company, which provides integrated services in the field of power distribution, natural gas distribution as well as distribution of energy from renewable sources, such as electricity meter and gas meter reading, electricity metering unit administration, maintenance services, complex repair works and accidental interventions concerning power distribution networks and transformer stations, energy efficiency solutions concerning public lighting for municipalities, energy efficiency solutions for industrial consumers, maintenance services for photovoltaic parks, electricity meter verification and general contracting.

The electricity meter reading activity has been part of Adrem Invest’s portfolio since 2008 and is carried out by its 200 readers with broad experience in the field, operating in the Oltenia region, in the counties of Dolj, Olt, Gorj, Valcea, Arges, Mehedinti and Teleorman. The Service is dedicated to a number of 1.4 million subscribers of CEZ Distributie, Adrem Invest’s partner.

As of January 2012, electricity consumption is estimated on a monthly basis by CEZ Romania, and consumption regularization is done through meter reading conducted by Adrem Invest employees, every 3 months for household consumers in the urban areas and every 6 months for household consumers in the rural areas and small economic agents. Moreover, as of April 2014, electricity meter reading has become even more accurate. Aside from traditional consumption index, Adrem Invest employees take photographs of the index with the use of a mobile terminal (a PDA).

“Our strategy relies on developing long-term partnerships, and each action we are carrying out is focused on direct clients and their beneficiaries, and the success of each project we are involved in, is part of our own success. An example is our solutions designed to increase the efficiency of the metering unit reading process, a service which we’ve constantly improved in our 6 years of collaboration with CEZ Distributie.
Our company has invested in the development of a fully automated system – myAvis – which eliminates the use of paper from the meter reading process. The information is entered in the mobile device, processed and submitted to partners from CEZ for the purpose of invoicing.” Florin Ciobanu, General Manager, Adrem Invest.

Scheduling the date and time for meter reading is done based on economic efficiency criteria and depending on work areas, by optimizing reader routes.
Consumers are informed with regard to scheduled readings by means of the invoice issued by our partner, CEZ. Before visits, notifications are displayed in visible locations, indicating the scheduling of the readings.

In case the meter is installed outside the property, there is no need to inform the client in order to conduct the reading, which generates increased comfort for clients.
If the electricity meter is inside the client’s property and the client is not present at the time of the visit, a notice form will be submitted containing the reader’s contact data and the date and time of the rescheduled visit. Collaboration between the reader and the client is essential – the latter is responsible for contacting the Adrem staff within the indicated period, while the first must travel to the location and conduct the reading. In case the reading was not carried out during the indicated period and the client contacts the reader after the reading order has been closed, the Adrem staff can only proceed based on an additional reading order, generated by CEZ exclusively at the request of the client.

“The working hours of our employees are standard, but we have the flexibility of adapting to our clients’ needs and we are constantly in contact with them. For over 20 years, we have been providing services based on responsibility, rigor and professionalism, and it is very important for us for the success of our projects to reflect in the level of satisfaction of our partners’ beneficiaries – the end consumers.” Florin Ciobanu, General Manager, Adrem Invest.