Article written by Corneliu Bodea

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My grandfather’s words are still very clear in my mind when he was watching TV and whines about the direction this world is taking. Every generation, when it reaches maturity, manifests itself through an extreme concern about how it begins. to do things in the direction that “this world” is going. I try to position myself objectively towards this drive that is becoming more and more present in my thoughts and to remember that the world has been sung for thousands of generations and yet, as far as we can judge, it seems that things have evolved positively throughout history.
Of course, the struggle between artificial intelligence apologists and Elon Musk, who puts a chip in a pig’s brain, is likely to upset our beliefs about the future, and a simple comparison between the themes of ancient democracy and the election in the United States makes you wonder. serious about our “evolution” as a society in the past 2000 years.
The year 2020 for Romanians is very, very special and not that it would not have been like that before the pandemic because of the 2 rounds of elections that awaited us, plus the US elections that have always had a serious influence in the printed direction nine and the whole area of the so-called “big fireflies”. The pandemic comes to put an unseen but suffocating pressure on the health system, on areas of the economy and worst of all on our psyche of all. What a year, glad to witness it, I respectfully place myself in a position of player and spectator, respecting the force of the consequences and the complexity of the influences.
For us Romanians, this difficult year finds us, unsurprisingly, unprepared. With a majority Parliament in one direction and a government in a completely different direction, with a poor and gone people, with a down-to-earth infrastructure and modest investments, with low efficiency and a super stressed budget, Romania is rushing into the perfect storm. it unfolds at its feet in all its power.
The level of competence at all levels has collapsed inexplicably and relentlessly in the last 10 years and it takes time and resources to recover it. This has led to a lack of coherent strategic direction and rare successes in themselves have more chance than reckoning. Groping dazed by the steam of democracy and power, rows, rows of rulers already promise the same highways and railway upgrades, the same power plants, relying heavily on the same eternally strategic position of Romania that I can not, however, transpose into development , in projects, in welfare.
It doesn’t sound good, but it is; and if we do not recognize and shout this loudly, we will not have the chance (perhaps the last) to break through the storm victoriously. On the other hand, a strong Romania is waiting for us, supported by people who want to live here because they trust in the education offered by schools, in the health of hospitals, who can go on holidays to visit the beautiful mountains in less than 5 hours for 200 km , who are not afraid of mafia clans, who do not declare themselves Canadians when on vacation abroad they are asked where they are from.
Romanians are entitled to be blase, to be uninvolved and circumspect, but we will not make things right with this kind of attitude, and things need to be straightened out.
There are strong struggles globally and this involves and influences us as citizens of this world. The clash between conservative and neo-liberal politics is hot during this period and by-product of this clash, extreme politics is felt and is gaining ground. We do not live in simple times and the crisis generated by the current pandemic is coming to throw gas on the fire that is already burning. Violent protests wonder why, all justified and incorrect in expression, poor people at enormous risk as a result of the crisis generated by Covid-19, climate change with negative record after negative record.
Maybe I paint a reality in dark colors, but every time I think of throwing pastel pink, I can’t find the place.
I believe in the success of good, but I do not believe that the forces of good can be expressed other than through people who believe, who are resilient, who ask and are not satisfied with lies and promises. We need involvement and participation, we need competence and seriousness! The time of the brawl abandoned us between Comarnic and Sinaia and in the miserable wards of a hospital, it abandoned us in the classroom with a few students and a poor teacher, the time of the brawl passed.
I said earlier that 2020 will mean a major change for the better for Romania and I know that now it seems extremely unlikely or at least unclear. I don’t know which button to press or what to do, but I know that things can’t go on like this and I know that there is the power and the faith in us to succeed. I know that there are basic things that must be respected in order to be represented properly, I know that there is a need for involvement and seriousness, that there is no more time for indulgence.
Each generation was responsible for at least two things: to teach the next generation a world in a better state and to educate a new generation in such a way as to be able to leave a better world to the next. I feel at that moment when the generation represented by my children is slowly taking control. I’m not worried about their ability and I’m not just talking about my two children, I’m talking about their generation that I have a chance to get to know closely. I am more worried about what I leave them… I feel obliged to make one last effort to make things right and I am afraid that it is no longer possible. I think it will remain on their shoulders a bigger problem than I had, more complex and more difficult to deal with. In this sense, I feel lost and guilty. It should be involved earlier, more actively, perhaps in a joint effort, parents and children we can put humanity on the track of responsible and therefore sustainable progress.
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