The current context generated by the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us to be flexible and to adapt to new situations in order to overcome the critical period well and return to normal. One of these situations is the homework that many of us have been doing for some time and that we have been dreaming of for quite some time, but we did not know how to approach it. Today I saw that it is possible. With the help of technology, we can make online meetings, we can solve problems remotely, we can learn and attend conferences, we can have online parties with colleagues and much more, and if we are efficient and productive, at the end of the day we can enjoy more time for us and our loved ones.

There is more and more talk that teleworking is the new trend on the job market, and in the future, immediately after the pandemic, this trend will increase exponentially to offer employees a flexible schedule, comfort and more time for personal life. Given this aspect, it is important to start educating ourselves in this new system, to organize ourselves better, and to be efficient in completing tasks faster than we would have done in the office to enjoy more time for others. activities and have a satisfactory work-life balance.

Of course, we all know that in the comfort of home there are many things that can distract us, these being the biggest obstacles to our productivity. Thus, experiencing the work from home for almost three months, we gathered some ideas for a better organization and a higher productivity, for a tailor-made result, which we would like to share with you.

Recommendations for you to increase your productivity at home

  1. Workspace arrangement

    For your physical and mental comfort, it is important to arrange a suitable office in a bright, airy and clean space. Make sure that the desk and chair are comfortable and that you have at hand the equipment needed to carry out your activity – laptop, socket, mouse, internet connection, pen, diary, printer (if necessary) and a bottle of water (hydration is important and you do not want to go to the kitchen too often).

  2. Prioritize activities and set a time for each

    This way you will realize how much time you will allocate to the tasks and how much you will have left for yourself to do what you like. It also sets a fixed time for the main meals of the day, such as breakfast, lunch and breaks between activities for little relaxing time.


  3. Set some rules for the way you work and follow them

    These will help you stay 100% focused on what you are doing and not be distracted by other things that endure procrastination. For example, disconnect from social media if you don’t work with them, wash dishes or laundry outside of business hours, don’t stop in the kitchen for tastings, and don’t turn on the TV on movie channels or other programs that can grab.

  4. Wake up early, just like when you went to the office

    Morning sleep is the sweetest, but remember that waking up late confuses you completely and upsets your schedule. Early morning is the best time for peace and meditation when you can enjoy coffee at will (until family members wake up), see the sun rise and recharge your batteries. Keep a few minutes for yourself and then start the usual activities of the day.

  5. Choose a comfortable, casual outfit

    Pajamas are suitable for a deep and restful sleep during the night. If you don’t want to be attracted to a nap in the bedroom or on the couch, give them up and choose an outfit that will make you feel good during the day, energetic, as if you were in a public space. You never know when a partner, a colleague or even your boss can call you with video, and you want to display at least a decent outfit.

  6. Mens sana in corpore sano

    Last but not least, take care of yourself and your health. Personal hygiene and sports are the wonderful ingredients that will protect you from various ailments and keep you in shape, will give you energy and confidence in your own strength.


There are some basic recommendations that will help you better organize and manage your time the way you want. It may be difficult nowadays, especially if you have children with you, but in the future, if things change, it is good to prepare in advance. Later we will have the opportunity to work from the beach, from a picturesque place in the mountains or from grandparents. Think that from this experience you will learn what self-discipline is, what life is like without the hours lost in traffic and what it is like to have more time available for sports, travel and family.