Adrem Invest, the most experienced smart meter installer in Romania, has successfully completed the installation of 10,000 smart meters in the project entitled “System for measuring and transmitting data from meters, consisting of single-phase or three-phase smart meters and data concentrators”“.
The main contractors were Intrarom and Distribuţie Oltenia, part of CEZ Group in Romania, Adrem Invest being part of this project as a subcontractor, together with ADD GRUP, and dealing with the installation of equipment provided by ADD GRUP and project management in this segment .
For this project, Intrarom chose the company Adrem Invest for the installation of smart meters, Adrem being the most experienced installer in the market and the largest entrepreneurial energy services company in Romania, among our customers being Distribuţie Oltenia, part of the Group CEZ in Romania, Enel or Delgaz Grid.
The installation activity started in March of this year and was completed in July. Although the project started with the beginning of the pandemic and the establishment of the state of emergency, the Adrem Invest teams worked without interruption, with all the necessary special measures – protective equipment and strict compliance with all prevention recommendations from the authorities.
In this very difficult context, Adrem completed the installation of data concentrators, smart meters, repeaters and filters according to the project execution schedule, without any deviation from the calendar and ensuring all troubleshooting activities necessary to meet the indicators in the contract.
The successful completion of the project, in a less favorable context, demonstrated once again the experience of Adrem Invest in this industry of major importance for Romania and the ability of our teams to adapt to any working conditions, to fulfill contractual tasks and to contribute to the modernization of the Romanian energy industry.
The project is financed from European funds and is part of the CEZ Group’s strategy in Romania for the modernization of the electricity metering system. The final objectives of the project are to improve the technical network, reduce losses, improve SAIDI and SAIFI indices, increase network capacity for new connections and meet growing demand, reduce network maintenance costs, and, last but not least, increase electricity quality.
The project involved, among other things, the replacement of customers electricity meters with smart meters, which will also be included in an appropriate metering system. Thanks to smart meters, the new energy metering system will provide more information than a conventional meter, thus ensuring that meters are read, connected and disconnected remotely.
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DEO is part of the CEZ Group in Romania and has been operating on the Romanian market since 2005, supplying electricity to 1,449,939 customers in 7 counties in the Oltenia region. 
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Intrarom, a subsidiary of Intracom Telecom, has consistently consolidated its position as an important vendor of the Romanian telecommunications market, and currently has approximately 380 employees and a total industrial area of 33,000 square meters. Supported by a solid infrastructure based on an investment of over 24 million euros, the company’s experience covers the following business lines: turnkey solutions for companies in the telecommunications sector, integrated IT&C solutions for the public sector, customized applications and solutions for utilities and banks as well as the production of telecommunications equipment. For more information, please visit 
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