Modernization of 110 / 20kV substation Măgura, Focșani County – Adrem

Modernization of 110 / 20kV substation Măgura, Focșani County

Electric and Automation

DOMAIN: Automation and Security in operation transformer station

CLIENT: Distribuție Energie Electrică România S.A.


The proposed works are part of the provisions of the SDEE Muntenia Nord strategy, to reduce technological losses, non-supply times for consumers and improve safety in the operation of facilities.

The existing 110 kV wiring diagram, with 2 line-transformer block cells, no longer ensures the electricity supply conditions of the consumers. The energy equipment in the 110/20 kV Măgura transformer station is physically and morally worn out.

The 110/20 kV Măgura power substation was put into operation in 1976 and supplies, through the 20 kV and 0.4 kV distribution networks, the domestic, commercial and industrial consumers from the north-eastern area of ​​Focșani municipality.

  • OPGW replacement on 110kV OHL;
  • Restoration of the earth connection;
  • Improving the protection installation against atmospheric surges;
  • Modernization of the lighting and heating installation;
  • Modernization of its own direct current and alternating current services;
  • Modernization of automation installations at station level (AAR m.t., DRRI, DASf)
  • Medium voltage cell replacement;
  • Realization of the SCADA system and integration of the designed equipment in the command system – SCADA type control;
  • Modernization of the general signaling installation;
  • Modernization of protections related to 110 k V cells;
  • 20kV capacitor bank replacement;
  • Replacement of 110 kV monopolar separators on the zero transformer Tl and T2;
  • Replacement of the T1 110 / 20kV power transformer (belonging to the beneficiary);
  • Realization of simple sectioned bar of 110 kV through two separators;
  • Replacement of the primary equipment on the l10 kV side (separators, circuit breakers, current transformers, voltage transformers) in Focșani Nord l – Trafo 1 and Focșani Nord 2 – Trafo 2 block cell line;
  • DDE + AsBuilt design;
  • Works in Focșani Nord station – installation of protection cabinet equipped with two digital terminals for differential protection and digital announcer with 16 programmable signals

During this period, the replacement works BK (capacitor bank) were performed with the same operations:

  • decommissioning of existing equipment
  • foundation realization
  • installation of new equipment
  • Wiring and related connections

These works were carried out in 4 stages accepted by the beneficiary without endangering the supply of consumers in the area.

The number of 20kV cells replaced was 28 pieces.

Work duration: September 2017 – April 2021

  1. DDE Design: September 2017 – May 2018
  2. 110kV Batch Execution (demolition of existing equipment, execution of foundations, installation of new equipment, wiring, connections and related parameters): June 2018 – June 2019

  3. 20kV batch execution (demolition of existing equipment, execution of foundations, installation of new equipment, wiring, connections and related parameters): August 2020 – May 2021

Work location: Focșani City, VranceaCounty

Obstacles during work:

The biggest impact in carrying out this project was even the COVID-19 pandemic, which impacted the delivery of all necessary materials on time (especially 20kV cells). Relatively long execution time due to the fact that the works were carried out in stages while the station was partially in operation.

Benefits for Customers and Community:

Being a power station of major importance in that area, the aim was to reduce technological losses, downtime for consumers and improve operational safety of facilities.

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