Modernization of electrical insulating sheaths, Olt County (Caracal, Scornicești, Corabia) – Adrem

Modernization of electrical insulating sheaths, Olt County (Caracal, Scornicești, Corabia)


Domain: Electricity

Client: Distribuție Energie Oltenia

Descriere Proiect: modernization of electrical insulating sheaths

These are products designed to insulate electrical conductors at medium voltage lines (20kV). The installation is done in the area of ​​insulators for both poles with concrete brackets and those with metal brackets in order to reduce the number of falls and rapid automatic restarts (RAR) due to the entry of birds or other foreign objects or bodies that may generate damage.

Work duration: the final term is May 11, 2021. 50% of the work was completed in 2020 and the other half will be completed on April 15.

Work location: Olt County

  • LEA 20 Kv Caracal – Plăviceni STation
  • LEA 20 Kv Grădiște – SIUHE Slătioara
  • LEA 20 Kv Corabia – TCH Izbiceni
  • LEA 20 Kv Corabia – Irigații 6
  • LEA 20 Kv Corabia – Corabia City

Obstacles ecountered

In order to be included in the number of interruptions according to the performance standard for the electricity distribution service regulated by ANRE, the works were performed with 20 electricians, daily, of which 6 from the neighboring counties, Dolj and Teleorman.

Assembly and construction work was difficult due to difficult access. The 20 Kv lines are generally outside the localities on lands cultivated with cereals or lands prepared for other crops. For this reason, the access was made only by moving the executing staff on foot, over long distances from the access road, with all the work equipment and protection worn on their hands.

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