Strengthening the electrical network of the Dăbuleni City Hospital – Adrem

Strengthening the electrical network of the Dăbuleni City Hospital


DOMAIN: Energie Electrică

CLIENT: Distribuție Energie Oltenia

Project Description:Network strengthening in order to connect the Dăbuleni City Hospital, fed by the new PTA B Dăbuleni

The work consisted of:

  1. Amplification and re-equipment of PTA 2 Dăbuleni in PTAB 20 / 0.4 kV # 630 kVA. The existing pole with the role of PTA (pole no. 10) will take over the role of LEA # LES 20 kV switching pole; – LES 20 kV with ACYY type cable 4×185 mmp, in length of approx. 105 m, between the pole no. 10 type SC 15014 to 20 kV PTA connection

  2. Dăbuleni & PTAB designed

LES 0.4 kV made with ACYY cable 4×185 mmp, in total length of approx. 400 m, between TDRi 0.4 kV and pole no. 1 of the 0.4 kV OHL related to PTA 2 Dăbuleni (6 public distribution circuits);

It will be taken over in TDRi 0.4 kV and the existing FDCS 1T type fuse that supplies the Profi Store.

The designed PTAB 20 / 0.4 kV # 630 kVA transformer substation will be equipped with an Rp <4 ohm earth socket and equipped with: # MT compartment equipped with a 24 kV, 630 A, 16 kA (1s) medium voltage switchboard of 1 pc. line cell equipped with load separators and CLP, 1 pc. transformer cell equipped with load separator combined with fuses and CLP;

#transformer compartment equipped with 630 kVA # 20 / 0.4 kV transformer;

# JT compartment equipped with 0.4 kV TDRi provided with 1000 A detachable circuit breaker, 1000/5 A current transformer # 3 + 3 pcs. and MEG 40 type energy quality analyzer, including MEG 202.2 GPRS module (with antenna for MEG 40), 12Vdc power supply, 300 mA, 16MB portable external memory), 10 pcs. distribution circuits made with circuit breakers in fixed assembly, 3P, In = 250A, Ir = 200A, control range 0.4 – 1xIr; # 1 pc. internal services table.

# auxiliary: – 1 pc. outer box with meter sight (without meter); – 2 pcs. anti-condensation resistance in MT cells; – 3 pcs. fuses with mt striker; – 1 pc. mono and polyphase short-circuit indicator; – 1 pc. operating lever

Work Duration:

Design completed in October 2020

Execution completed in December 2020

Work Location: Dăbuleni City, Dolj County

Obstacles: unfavorable weather

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