Railway energy dispatcher DEF ARAD – Lot 2A and 2B – Adrem

Railway energy dispatcher DEF ARAD – Lot 2A and 2B

Transport Infrastructure

Rehabilitation of the C.F. Border – Curtici – Simeria, part of the Pan-European Corridor IV for trains running at a maximum speed of 160 km / h

Section 2A: Km614 – CAP Y Barzava

Section 2B: CAP and Barzava – CAP AND ILTEU

COMPANY: Adrem Engineering

Domain: SCADA

Client: Siemens Mobility


The DEF ARAD Teleconduction System for command and control through the DEF railway energy dispatcher of railway installations, is an integrated, redundant unitary system, based on an open hardware and software architecture, using numerical equipment dedicated to SCADA / EMS applications.

The system implemented at the dispatcher’s level has a logical structure differentiated on four levels:

  • N1 – process level
  • N2 – interface with the process level
  • N3 – local station level
  • N4 – central station level

Thus, at the end of the project, in the Arad Dispatch Office, the stations and sectioning stations related to the Border section – km 614 as well as to the Sofronea, Vărădia and Radna substations will be taken over in the Teleconduction System.

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