Photovoltaic system installation, Păun township, Iași county – Adrem

Photovoltaic system installation, Păun township, Iași county

Renewable Energy

DOMAIN: Photovoltaic systems

CLIENT: Natural Person, Iași County

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Installation of Ongrid 6 KwP photovoltaic system with 10 Kw inverter.

  • A three-phase photovoltaic system was installed at the household subscriber, with installation of solar panels on the roof with corrugated sheet, installation of inverter and smart meter.
  • The connection of the owner’s car electric charging station was made, taking energy from the newly installed system.
  • The programming and PIF part was executed locally.
  • Preparation of the file for obtaining the Technical Approval for Connection – at Delgaz Grid.

Team: 2 electricians under the coordination of engineer Doru Anghelina

Equipment used:

  • Photovoltaic panel mono 390 W Trina Solar
  • Inverter huawei sun2000-30ktl-m2
  • Smart meter 400v
  • Smart dongle
  • Kaedra apparent box 3rx12m ip65
  • Fuses pfv ch 10×38 gpv 15a
  • Separator for fuses pfv efh 10 dc 1p
  • Cable rv-k 5×10
  • Red solar flexible conductor 1x6mmp
  • Black solar flexible conductor 1x6mmp
  • pfv mc4 connector (set of 2 f-m)
  • Circuit breaker 4p c120n 100a c 10ka
  • Fastening system speed rail 1 kw

Work duration: 2 days

Completion of work: 15.07.2022Work location: Păun township, Iași County


The advantage of installing the photovoltaic system will lead to independence in terms of electricity consumed for the needs of the home. There is also the possibility that through the prosumer contract, concluded with the supplier, the customer can benefit from the compensation of the surplus of energy not consumed and delivered to the network.



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