Natural gas transmission pipeline Podisor – Recas – Automation and Securing Pipeline – LOT 4 (BRUA-Phase 1) – Adrem

Natural gas transmission pipeline Podisor – Recas – Automation and Securing Pipeline – LOT 4 (BRUA-Phase 1)

Natural Gas

Company: Asocierea S&T Romania SRL – Adrem Engineering SRL

Domain: Natural Gas – Automation, Security & Fire & CCTV, Gas Leak Detection System & Unauthorized Interventions Near Gas Pipeline


Project Description: The project consisted in the integration in a centralized system of all the information coming from the technological installations related to the BRUA Phase 1 gas pipeline (Podisor – Recas), namely:

  • 3 STCs – Integration of the information coming from the 3 Compression Stations installed along the 480km, thus conferring the possibility of operating without personnel the entire gas pipeline from a single Dispatcher at the choice of the 3 existing ones in each STC.
  • 21 Unloading Faucet Stations – Fully Equipped Containers (Electrical Automation and Distribution Panel, Telecommunications Panel, Sensitive FO Monitoring Panel where applicable, Own Electrical Panel – Lighting, AC, Sockets…, Security & Control System Integrated Access, Detective System and Fire extinguishing, Video lens monitoring system;
  • 13 Faucet Stations without Discharger – Minishelters equipped with Electrical Panel and Automation, Burglary & Fire System & CCTV;
  • Dedicated monitoring system of the Cathodic Protection System, composed of 18 Cathodic Protection Stations and 17 Potential Sockets installed along the gas pipeline
  • Gas Leak Detection System or Unauthorized Interventions in the vicinity of the pipeline, consisting of 10 Sensitive FO Panels capable of monitoring sections of up to 75 km of pipeline
  • Dedicated Measurement System that centralizes the data from the Flowmeters mounted on the input and output of the Phase 1 gas pipeline, respectively Podsor and Recas
  • System for standardization and making available to the SCADA Medias Dispatcher the data of interest on the BRUA gas pipeline


Project Timeline: 3 years.

The causes are easy to intuit when we talk about the automation of a 480 km long gas pipeline, divided into 5 LOTs / contracts and involving dozens of entities that have carried out interdependent competitive activities. Additionally, the automation system, pipeline monitoring is generally the last system that can be tested and commissioned being dependent on the completion of all activities related to the installation and commissioning of the pipeline, along with the 34 related Valve Stations and the 3 Stations Compression installed along it.

Assigned Staff: A project of such magnitude has involved a very large number of multidisciplinary resources from assembly construction works to dedicated / specialized works on the part of Automation, IT&C, Security & Fire and Commissioning and Calibration of Sensitive FO Systems. To point out some significant figures, we mention:

  • Adrem was a general designer, coordinating 3 specialized subcontractors
  • 6 subcontractors on the Construction-Assembly side
  • 3 subcontractors engaged on the transport and unloading side Containers / Mini-filters in delicate areas from car access
  • 2 subcontractors on electrical installations
  • 3 subcontractors on the installation side Sensitive Fiber Optic Boards and on mapping and identification of gas pipeline route – FO
  • 4 subcontractors on the tracing and welding and FO installation strictly on the communications area
  • 3 installation and basic-configuration subcontractors for the entire telecommunications infrastructure – redundant routers (FO + GSM), switches and so on
  • 1 specialized subcontractor for the installation and commissioning of the 3 VideoWall Systems
  • 2 teams specialized in configuring automation systems
  • A specialized team on the configuration side of the SCADA System at the level of the Central Dispatch Office
  • A specialized team on the commissioning side of the integrated Burglary & Fire Monitoring & CCTV system
  • A specialized team from Germany that worked remotely to configure and calibrate the Sensitive FO System – the second in the country implemented, after a pilot implemented on a length of only 30 km.
  • A team that implemented the database management system and developed the BRUA Maintenance System, the module included in the SCADA System.


Project Locations: The project took place over a length of 480 km between Podisor and Recas. Along the 480 km, the LOT 4 goal focused on 37 objectives – 21 Large Faucet Stations, 13 Small Faucet Stations and 3 Compression Stations (Podisor, Bibesti and Jupa)


Obstacles encountered: Unfavorable weather conditions, bad access roads in objectives or non-existent, interdependencies with the other contracts within BRUA and with the other builders involved in the BRUA contract, especially as a year and a half the project took place in pandemic conditions COVID, large dispersion geographical location of objectives, dispersion which translates into an increased complexity of logistics and intervention time.

Project End: 16.08.2021

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