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Installation of electric vehicle charging stations

Car charging stations

DOMAIN: Energy efficiency – car charging stations



“Acquisition of design services, preparation of documentation, obtaining Authorization Construction, execution of connections, installation of charging stations for electric vehicles”

In order to avoid pollution of large urban centers and last but not least the environment in general, switching to the electric car is inevitable.

Sooner or later we will give up cars with heat engines and we will only drive electric cars. In this sense, Adrem Invest, both through our forecasts and in conjunction with important steps taken in the western market, we consider imminent the realization of the infrastructure that will facilitate the transition from the polluting car to the green car.

Thus, in a period of one year (more precisely from 02.12.2020) since the entrustment of the design and execution contract, we have built “turnkey” 19 filling stations scattered in 15 counties, and another 10 are already in the design and we will receive new orders under the same contract.

We mention that the final beneficiary was very satisfied with the quality of the works, and from the point of view of the users (customers who use the stations) there were no complaints.

Adrem Invest through its design and execution capacity, as well as the very good commercial connection with the suppliers of quality electrical equipment and accessories can make stations with different capacities depending on the requirement of the beneficiary (7.5 KW, 22 Kw, 50 Kw, 60 KW , 150 KW).

Adrem Invest has national coverage through infrastructure and through the experience gained it is able to carry out installation works of power stations, regardless of their capacity or location. As power increases, the waiting time for a full charge decreases substantially.


By achieving these objectives we encourage the transition from classic cars with thermal engine to those with electric motor.

By creating an infrastructure with as many charging stations as possible, the inconvenience of not having a place to supply will disappear.

Those who use electric cars get both the reduction of travel costs and the total reduction of environmental pollution.

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