GIS data collection in JT networks in Mehedinți County – Adrem

GIS data collection in JT networks in Mehedinți County

Energy Transport and Distribution

FIELD: Electricity Distribution

CLIENT: Oltenia Energy Distribution (DEO)


The inventory of the JT network in Mehedinți county and the collection of the coordinates for all the components of the network. A total number of 35,882 elements were collected.

Duration of the work: the initial deadline was 23 months, but it was completed at the end of December 2020, within a final deadline of 16 months.

Location of the work: Mehedinți County – Drobeta Turnu Severin, Orșova, as well as the outer areas of the two localities, a total of 130 localities.

Obstacles encountered: The collection works were quite difficult due to variable weather conditions, with precipitation and temperatures specific to each period of the year, as well as due to the variety of relief, in which the project took place.

Elements collected: 35,882

Target localities: 130

Completion period: 16 months (initial period – 23 months)

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